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In 2004 Silvia Beretta and Stefan Kastner founded studio bekaa in Italy, bringing together different cultural backgrounds and a cross disciplinary approach on design processes.
This structure has been improved in 2013 with the opening of bekala office in Germany.





landscapes are complex systems of natural and men made elements interconnected by dynamic relations. Our aim is to consider processes in our work and to involve the environment, be it people, nature, cultural values or climate, to allow sustainability from within.


Science and Technology

Rooting in scientific research and approved technical applications we endeavour to use contemporary solutions to create innovation and sense of place.



At the centre of our work stands communication between our clients and the team including engineers, biologists, archaeologists and artists in order to generate most comprehensive solutions.


Collaborators since 2004


Giovanni Arcadi, Andrea Ardizzi, Erika Cormio, Filippo Della Lucia, Prisco Ferrara,
Anna Gallucci, Alice Gesualdi, Laura Mantegazza, Emanuele Narducci,
Francesca Pandolfi, Maria Resteghini, Gabriele Rovati, Francesco Volante.


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